U.S. Weighs Limited Options to Punish China Over Hong Kong

WASHINGTON—As U.S. officials weigh sanctioning China around its current moves in Hong Kong, the city’s standing as a global fiscal center limitations the menu of efficient levers available to Washington.

Important steps from Hong Kong’s fiscal system chance hitting U.S., Western and Hong Kong firms and shoppers, officials and analysts say. Far more specific sanctions from Chinese officials and trade measures from products and solutions designed in Hong Kong would have tiny impact on Beijing’s integration of the town into the mainland’s…

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Protesters in Russia’s Far East Call for Putin to Resign

MOSCOW—Protesters marched for a 2nd working day in Russia’s Considerably Jap town of Khabarovsk above the arrest of a regional governor, in a display screen of defiance times after President Vladimir Putinwon a referendum that could lengthen his power for years to come. Sergei Furgal, who in 2018 defeated a […]