December 1, 2022

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Tips to Increase Sales on Amazon

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How to Increase Sales on Amazon - 9 Pro Tips For 2020 And Beyond

Improve Your SEO

With so many sellers on Amazon, it’s important that buyers are able to find your products. Amazon looks at the keywords in your product titles to rank listings, so you need to include as many keywords as you can in the 500-character title.

Get Feedback and Reviews

Customer reviews and positive feedback are extremely important on Amazon. Studies show that 97% of buyers check product reviews before making a purchase decision. What’s even more impressive, is how reviews can produce an 18% uplift in sales! To take advantage of this, you can use a solution like Feedback Five, to increase feedback volume.

Advertise on Amazon

Advertising on Amazon is a good way to be seen and increase Amazon sales. When you’re just starting out, or looking to increase the visibility of your products, you should give the Sponsored Products option a try.

Sponsored Products will display your product below search results or on the product detail pages. There’s a cost for this service, but it is a pay-per-click charge, so you only pay for what’s used. Plus, Amazon offers you a deal for using sponsored products for the first time.

Another great Amazon tool that can help you market your products is the Amazon Affiliate program. Sign up and qualify to see your products promoted on other respected websites.

Market Outside of Amazon

You aren’t allowed to market people away from Amazon, but you can absolutely market outside to bring customers to your Amazon store. Content marketing on other websites is effective in attracting potential customers to your Amazon listings. Using social media marketing for your e-commerce business is a great option as well.

Here are some other forms of marketing you can use to increase traffic on your Amazon products:

  1. Email
  2. Social Media
  3. Google Ads
  4. Influencer Marketing

 Know the Rules and Regulations

Make sure you understand and follow the rules and regulations Amazon has put in place – there are many. It’s important to the success of your business that you comply with them because if they are broken, you run the risk of being suspended or having your account completely shut down. By following the rules and regulations you are on the right track to being able to increase Amazon sales.

Bonus Amazon Selling Tip – Utilize Amazon PrimeToday, Amazon has over 200 million Prime members, and millions more shop during the renowned Amazon Prime Day. In fact, consumers spent roughly $10.4 billion during Prime Day in 2020!

Becoming Prime eligible is crucial, not only if you want to win the buy box as we mentioned above, but also to stand out among the many competitors that fill the Amazon listing pages.

If your account is already Prime eligible, it isn’t enough to just list your products. Having a successful Prime Day takes preparation.


As an Amazon seller, you’ll always be fine-tuning everything product listing, suppliers, packing, keywords, potential future products & reporting stranded inventory on amazon, the key is to be on top of everything. This can be hard for some sellers, but the hard work is worth it when you start raking better. | Newsphere by AF themes.