How Putin Outfoxed Trump in Venezuela

U.S. envoy

Elliott Abrams

arrived at the Westin Excelsior resort hoping to persuade Russia to withdraw its guidance for Mr. Maduro and to understand

Juan Guaidó

as Venezuela’s reputable leader. Russian deputy foreign minister

Sergei Ryabkov

as a substitute demanded the U.S. back down from armed forces threats and carry the financial sanctions meant to force Mr. Maduro’s hand.

Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow in September.


sergei chirikov/Agence France-Presse/Getty Pictures

In the months that adopted, the U.S. marketing campaign spiraled into a foreign-coverage debacle, thwarted by common adversaries, Russia and Cuba, as nicely as

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Trump Mideast Plan Said to Favor Israeli Goals



Middle East peace system, to be formally unveiled Tuesday, is a in-depth blueprint of extra than fifty internet pages that outlines his administration’s strategies about how to take care of main concerns on borders, protection and Jerusalem that have bedeviled negotiators for many years.

While the administration has steadfastly declined to publicly examine precise elements, persons briefed on the contents explained a system that closely tilts toward the Israeli situation on important concerns.

The system, they say, envisions Israeli sovereignty more than Jerusalem, such as places Palestinians declare as the money of a long run impartial condition. The … Read More