Iran’s Leadership Works to Heal Rifts Opened Amid Protests, U.S. Pressure

Soon after a different flare-up of community protests, the Iranian institution is doing the job to mend inner rifts that have broken into the open up as it faces higher force than at any level considering that the 1979 Islamic Revolution.


Hassan Rouhani

even threatened to resign if the armed forces didn’t get obligation for shooting down the airplane, in accordance to a Western diplomat and an adviser to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Soon after a modern Friday prayer led by Supreme Leader

Ali Khamenei,

broadcast on state television, Mr. Rouhani was caught on digicam getting up to

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Best of BS Opinion: Budget in the season of protests, new axis of infra

From the hazards to the fabric of the condition if the fundamental principles of the Constitutional are challenged to the strategies and suggests of tackling India’s infrastructure problem, here’s a choice of Organization Regular View items for the working day.

Is the Andhra Pradesh government’s decision to scrap Amravati as a “super-capital” and establish three capitals as an alternative workable? Are not there any greater strategies of ensuring inclusive progress? How need to the states of India faucet professional financing and private expense to fire the infrastructure sector? Alokananda Chakraborty sums up.

The survival of India as a condition, its

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