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Die Entwicklung eines Impfstoffs ist ein zeitaufwendiger, komplexer Prozess. Aber wie die aktuelle globale Pandemie verdeutlicht, ist Zeit ein entscheidender Faktor. Eine EU-finanzierte Forschungsgruppe hat daher eine Plattform ins Leben gerufen, die Dienstleistungen, Unterstützung, Vernetzung und Schulungen anbietet, um die Impfstoffentwicklung, u. a. gegen COVID-19, zu beschleunigen.

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Ein wirksamer Impfstoff ist das wichtigste Instrument bei der Prävention von Krankheiten. Leider ist die Entwicklung eines Impfstoffs ein zeitaufwendiger und komplexer Prozess – eine Tatsache, die während der COVID-19-Pandemie überaus deutlich geworden ist.

Erfolgreiche Forschung gibt es nicht ohne Zusammenarbeit. Vielmehr sind internationale Kooperation, öffentlich-private Partnerschaften

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Staff can generally have issue performing with innovative machinery in present day factories. EU-funded scientists have now devised a command interface that can adapt to the practical experience and capabilities of any operator.

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Even though it was after considered that the expansion in industrial automation would lead to positions starting to be fewer proficient, generally the reverse is genuine. Modern day production techniques are so elaborate that significant skill is essential to operate them.

‘Even extremely superior devices are unable to get the job done completely autonomously there is still a robust need for a

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Protein analysis paints clearer pic… – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

A go to to your medical professional could soon supply a considerably extra comprehensive photo of your general overall health many thanks to new systems formulated by EU-funded scientists. They will allow a rapid and exact investigation of proteins from blood or urine samples to be carried out in the clinic.

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The innovative resources and tactics formulated in the EU-funded MSMED undertaking are encouraging to lay the foundations for a revolution in the healthcare software of proteomics, the big-scale study of proteins that accomplish a extensive array of necessary features in the physique.

In a

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Unravelling the mystery of how viru… – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

Emerging viruses pose a severe menace to world public wellbeing. EU-funded analysis is helping to advance our comprehending of how infectious illnesses evolve and adapt genetically, informing our endeavours to create an effective reaction. Scientists have already applied these new strategies to various public wellbeing crises, such as COVID-19.

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The growing number of viral outbreaks in current a long time poses a crystal clear menace to our very well-being, as very well as usually provoking significant economic implications. Even so, the immediate evolution of technologies implies that we are now capable to detect and

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New material enables switch to ener… – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

Engineers are racing to change silicon in electronics with a more responsive and vitality-productive substitute. EU-funded scientists have created new gadgets with probable apps in communications, Net of Issues technologies, and even in detecting coronavirus.

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As gadgets shrink in dimension and grow in complexity, we will need to find ways of creating electronics to meet up with these needs and use much less vitality in accomplishing so.

Not long ago, the notion of making use of purposeful oxides in nanoelectronic circuits has been growing. Practical oxides can be made to speedily change from an insulating

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