States can act against dealer and manufacturer of substandard fertilisers

Gordon B. Johnson

The Agriculture Ministry has amended the Fertiliser Regulate Buy, 1985, permitting States to commence against equally brands and sellers every time samples drawn from non-tampered bags fail to meet criteria.

A notification from the ministry on Tuesday said the dealer and manufacturer shall equally be designed get together to the circumstance underneath the Act and proceedings below clause 31 of the get. It has inserted clause 19A in the get to enable this.

When the get had provisions to file issues against each makers and dealers for providing substandard fertilisers, dealers and companies have been passing the buck to just about every other. Sellers had also requested the governing administration to prevent making them a party to the circumstance as they have no function in the excellent of the made goods, industry resources stated. “The amended order will ensure clarity on liability,” an field official explained.

Digital inventory-preserving

The ministry has also authorized sellers to sustain stock data in electronic sort. “In the reported Buy, in sub-clause (a) of clause 35, immediately after the term and letter “Form ‘N’,” the adhering to words and phrases shall be inserted: or retain digital stock register in the form which evidently reveals the date smart inventory position, opening harmony, receipts all through the day, sales throughout the day and closing stock,’’ the notification claimed.

According to the draft Integrated Plant Nutrition Management Bill, 2022, floated by the fertiliser ministry previous month for public opinions, “any company, vendor or retailer sells, imports for sale, or markets any fertiliser which has been outlined as sub-common under this Act in a way that contravenes the principles by which regularisation of this sort of sub-conventional fertilisers might be performed as set out underneath sub-segment (4) of part 6, he shall be punishable with a fantastic which might extend to ₹20 lakh.”

Released on

March 09, 2022

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