8 Best Benefits Of Dedicated Server

Your web hosting infrastructures decide your website speed, performance and uptime; therefore, compromising on any of them can directly affect your potential customer user experience, which further threatens your website traffic.

In case you are a business website with high traffic and abundant resources, then you need the ultimate solution for growing server requests. 

Thus, the best solution is to have a dedicated server in Singapore which provides a robust hosting service and takes responsibility for managing your Dedicated Server and ensuring its optimum functioning. 

So, if you are looking for a domain and hosting solution and need clarification about whether to opt for managed or unmanaged web hosting, then keep reading.

What do you mean by Unmanaged dedicated server?

An unmanaged dedicated server is a standard dedicated hosting solution that provides exclusivity of servers and guaranteed web hosting resources for your website.

These hosting resources include your RAM, disk space, memory, and CPU cores for your website. Further, they offer whole administrative control and complete root access over your server’s settings and configurations. 

But the catch is in unmanaged hosting, you are responsible for controlling your server administration and handling server maintenance, which means server monitoring and handling server security to ensure high uptime and online availability so it operates smoothly 24/7. 

But the thing is, managing a dedicated server is more challenging than it sounds, especially if you lack technical literacy, so the best solution for it is a fully managed dedicated server.

What do you mean by managed dedicated hosting services?

With managed dedicated hosting, you are free from handling or administrating your Dedicated Server, as it becomes the responsibility of a managed dedicated server provider.

They wholly take care of everything that includes your server setup, consistently monitoring your server, regular backups, establishing security patches and updates, guaranteeing high uptime and performance, and more—ensuring the highest reliability and server security. 

It’s the best solution for those who lack technical knowledge and server-level expertise, allowing businesses to focus on their business’s growth and success. 

Difference between Managed vs Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting 

Factors Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting Managed Dedicated Hosting
Responsibility The sole responsibility to manage the Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting is with the business itself, i.e., security and efficient operation.  The responsibility to manage Managed Dedicated Hosting is with the hosting provider, which includes resolving issues promptly and ensuring high reliability.
Management The hosting company helps with the initial installation and hardware operation, but full management responsibility stays with the business. The hosting provider manages and takes care of the Dedicated Server on your behalf. You don’t have any control over management that ensures 24/7 server operation.
Expertise: You need to have advanced technical skills in server management and administration. Advanced knowledge is optional, as the hosting provider takes care of everything.
Convenience: You have to juggle Dedicated Server along with business responsibilities. It is a convenient option for those without technical expertise, as it provides reliable support for server management. 
Cost Costs Less Than Managed Dedicated Hosting. Costs more due to the hosting company managing and maintaining the Dedicated Server.


Therefore, a Fully Managed Dedicated Server is the best option as it comes with innumerable and exclusive benefits for the website. 

It gives you complete technical support with exclusive Dedicated Server resources that help manage and improve your website’s speed and performance. 

Ultimately giving you peace of mind as professionals take care of all technical aspects, letting you focus on the core aspects of your business. 

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