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Virginia is a  great place to explore. You can explore different activities such as museums, theme parks, and you can also have a day in Virginia Beach. LTAC travel nursing jobs in Virginia can make you explore Virginia and practice your profession at the same time. Learn More About LTAC In Virginia to know if you are qualified and what are the benefits you can reap when you get an LTAC travel nursing job.

Why Work A LTAC Travel Nursing Job With Career Staff?

There are a lot of reasons why LTAC nurses can be a good start to work outside your residence. Here are the benefits of LTAC travel nursing job:

  • Higher Pay

An average of $1,499 is the pay an LTAC nurse can receive in a week. This is higher pay compared with a regular nursing career. LTAC nurses get paid higher since they have more intense responsibility and LTAC nurses are more skilled. Most nurses who have specialties get higher pay.

  • Free Housing 

Housing is provided for LTAC travel nurses, so they can feel at home during their assignments. One of the challenges of working away from home is getting homesick. That’s why a travel nurse agency provides a place where they can feel relaxed and comfortable during the time of their assignment. What’s more, travel nurses can bring their families if they wish, so they can feel at home during their work assignments in other places. 

  • Enhances Professional Skills 

By getting assigned to different destinations, an LTAC travel nurse will be able to enhance their skills by knowing new methods and techniques that the medical facilities implement. Different places have different ways of managing their operations. This can make LTAC nurses more flexible when it comes to handling their duties in different places. 

  • Work and Pleasure Balance 

The best thing about being an LTAC nurse is being able to have time to explore the place of your destination during your free time. It’s like traveling around the world without spending too much. You can be able to practice your profession and, at the same time, travel and learn about different cultures as you get assigned to different destinations.

  • Insurance 

Affordable insurance is offered once you start working in your destination. Life and health insurance can help secure your finances if ever an unexpected situation occurs during your assignment. It is part of the LTAC for nurses to be exposed to risk since they work in medical facilities. Having insurance will be good security to aid you in your financial needs. 

How to be Ready To Find Your Next LTAC Nursing Job?

After each assignment, you will be assigned to the next. You can take a break if you wish to. Working with travel nurse agencies can be an advantage if you want to have a continuous assignment. After each, you can still go back and work for them to be ready. Make sure to do the following:

  • Secure your License

Make sure that your license is updated and that it is valid in that way. You will be ready anytime once the travel nurse agency calls you for a new assignment. License is the number one requirement for you to work as a travel nurse, so make sure it’s valid all the time.

  • Maintain Your Certificates

Keep your certificates safe and ready. ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life support) and BLS (Basic life support) certificates are a must for LTAC nurses. Keeping these certificates will be a necessity once you get back to work. 

  • Update Your Resume 

Always prepare an updated resume, so you will be ready to go back to work from your break. Make sure that every destination is added to your resume. Remember, more experience can give you higher pay.

It is wise to Learn More About LTAC In Virginia before applying as one. Choose a travel nurse agency, so you will be able to work with someone who can give you more job opportunities and help you grow your profession. An LTAC nursing job is an ideal job for nurses who want to earn more credentials as well as earn more money to be able to pursue what they want in life. With an LTAC nursing job, you can start your journey and see the world as well as broadening the opportunities for your career.

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