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Websites have become significantly crucial for all types of businesses, be they a law firm or not. Having an online makes it easier for users to assess whether their needs would be met by the business or not. Websites are the new-age business card. Whenever potential clients visit a website, they form the impression of the law firm based on it. When you are trying to market your law firm online, you must have a user-experience website. Family Lawyer Marketing by dNovo Group considers all these things so that your online presence can boom. As websites form the core of online marketing, here is how you can boost up your website design and make it user-friendly.

Make it Cellphone friendly

Your website should be optimized for mobile devices. Around 80% of people prefer to use their smartphones to browse the internet. If the website of your family law firm isn’t optimized there might be a high bounce rate, low average session duration and poor conversion rate. If you are unsure whether your website is mobile-friendly or not, you can simply run it through Google’s free Mobile-Friendly Test Tool. All you have to do is enter the URL and click “Test URL”. Then Google will analyze the website and provide you with a score. The score would be reflecting of whether the website is optimized for mobile devices or not.

Easy Navigation

Yes, the website should have an impeccable design but the design shouldn’t be so complicated that the user isn’t able to figure out how to navigate through the website. When users aren’t able to seamlessly move through the website and switch pages within the domain, they will drop off quickly. This is also referred to as the average session duration, which means how long the users stay on the website. The bounce rate is indicative of how many people leave the website without vising more pages. When websites have a high bounce rate, it is then communicated to Google’s algorithm that the users aren’t able to find the relevant information. This high bounce rate can impact your organic ranking and also traffic.

You must put thought into the website’s navigation and optimize it. Most people are used to standard navigation wherein there is a logo on the left, links are present in the middle and the other clicks are available on the right side. When you make use of dropdown links, it helps to save space which can be utilized for providing more resources. You can have a Call to Action on the right along with the contract details and link.

Visual Aesthetic

The Visual design of the website is one of the most essential parts. It includes colours, layout, content and architecture. The website should be aesthetically pleasing and should make the users feel positive about your business. You can include relevant pictures, rich information and testimonials on the home page. The website should be reflective of your passions, drive and professionalism.

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