December 7, 2022

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Digital assets for the accountancy profession

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Accountants are increasingly encountering cryptocurrency and other cryptoassets, and ICAEW is supporting them on this, claims Lesley Meall.&#13

No matter if it is Tesla and Square adding bitcoin to the balance sheet, VISA and Morgan Stanley launching cryptoservices, or the non-fungible token trend, electronic assets such as cryptocurrency are moving into the mainstream. ICAEW Complex Manager (and ex-auditor) David Lyford-Tilley is not on your own in exploring the implications for the profession of cryptocurrency, other cryptoassets and developments this kind of as good contracts, which are enabled by distributed blockchain ledger technology.Audit & Beyond December cover 2021

Uptake is spreading and accelerating, featuring opportunities for corporations of all measurements to achieve competitive benefit by furnishing clientele with crypto-relevant services, as accountants get over some of the technical and simple troubles, such as creating ample knowledge and knowing of this new asset class. | Newsphere by AF themes.