December 10, 2022

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6 Cool Solar Panel Alternatives For Your Home

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6 Cool Solar Panel Alternatives For Your Home | Greener Ideal

Every home would want to have solar as a source of their power. However, the question is: is solar power ideal for their homes? Before getting solar panel installation, residents are encouraged to have their place inspected, so solar providers can determine if their home is good for solar panel installation. Is there a better alternative to solar panels? What is the most efficient solar system for home use? What is the best off-grid power source? Get the best solar panel alternatives for your home by considering these 6 cool solar panel alternatives for your home. Which can help you save even without getting a solar panel installed at home. 

Solar Lights

One of the most used things at home is light bulbs. No one wants a dark corner and every room has its own light bulbs, and even outside the home. To replace your light bulbs, you can use solar lights. They are a lantern-like structure with photovoltaic cells on top of them which are responsible for absorbing light from the sun that is soon generated into energy. You can hang them outside during the day and use them at night. Using solar lights as an alternative for your bulbs can be a good way to save energy as well as start your way to going green for your energy source. 

Sun Tunnels 

A sun tunnel is a small tunnel created from roof to ceiling to enable sunlight to enter the home. This is ideal for areas of the home where sunlight doesn’t reach it. You can save the usage of light by just merely depending on the sun tunnel to light up that area of your room during the day. time. They are not as expensive as solar panel installation but can still help you with conserving energy. Lights are feasible at night and even during the night for areas of your home where there is no sunlight. You don’t have to turn in your lights during the daytime anymore and just rely on sun tunnels. 

Solar Shingles 

Solar shingles are smaller than solar panels, and they look better. This can be a good alternative for solar panels. They may be more expensive, but they can improve the appearance of your roof since they are smaller and more presentable. 

Solar Ovens

If you like baking, then solar ovens are perfect for you. Solar ovens work like regular ovens that can heat up to 350 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use them at home as well as in outdoor activities like camping. You can often bake without worrying too much if your electricity will get higher.

Solar Air Conditioning

Air Conditioners can consume a lot of energy when used 24/7. Using solar air conditioning can save you a lot of money. This is ideal for places that have hot climates, you can enjoy your aircon without worrying too much if your bills will go up. Aircons can be convenient for people to relieve them from the hot weather, but they think that paying high electricity bills to make their room cool is practical. With solar air conditioning, they won’t be guilty of getting the coolness they need in their room. 

Solar Water Heater

There is nothing more relaxing than getting a warm shower after a tiring day. Heaters consume a lot of electricity when used, but using solar water heaters can make you enjoy your shower and, at the same time, not worry too much about increasing your electricity bill. The solar heater gets energy from the sun and is converted to heat energy, which makes the water warm.  Solar heaters are not that expensive, and you still enjoy the warm shower you can have at any time. 

These 6 cool solar panel alternatives for your home can be a good start in shifting to solar power as your source of energy. Apart from saving a lot from your bills, you can also contribute to making the air better with less pollution. Since solar energy leaves a low carbon footprint, or even zero. This is the main reason why the government supports residents who want to shift to solar energy as their source of power for their homes. Get started with the 6 solar alternatives and go full solar in the future. | Newsphere by AF themes.