December 1, 2022

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6 benefits of team building

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“Teamwork” is more than just a buzzword.

Anyone who has ever played a sport, worked for a company, or been part of an organization has been inundated with phrases exalting the virtues of team building. Mantras like, “teamwork makes the dream work,” are posted on bulletin boards and posters for all to see. These affirmations are meant to be aspirational. Yet they can borderline on cliche. Without the right structure in place, they are simply theoretical.

Fortunately, he has devoted his life to turning teamwork into a reality. That’s why Anthony Bronaugh created AB Education & Behavior Consulting. The firm consults, coaches, and assists schools and organizations that want to increase engagement and improve social and emotional learning. Using his 20-plus years of experience as a teacher, administrator, and Board Certified Behavior Analyst, he has developed a program that implements high-level behavior techniques.

For Anthony, these initiatives are only successful when there’s a buy-in from the entire group. This requires teamwork. With this in mind, the Ohio-based behavior specialist shares 6 reasons why team building is important for any organization.

Strengthens relationships

Successful organizations put people first. Team building is a critical component for making employees feel valued. This brings individuals together, connecting them to each other and the overall mission of your organization. Trust is a by-product of these efforts.

Fosters communication

Communication is at a premium. For this reason, he structures team-building activities to require collaboration. Through talking, discussing, and strategizing, groups are forced to work together to complete a task or challenge. It develops a goal-oriented approach that translates into the workplace.

Assists skill acquisition

Skills are transferable. While working together, employees share new ideas and learn from each other. Here, team members fill roles and responsibilities, playing to their strengths. But it also encourages growth. Team-building activities also unlock hidden skills that may have previously gone unnoticed.

Improves morale

Team building allows individuals to feel a part of something larger than themselves. People are more likely to feel accepted, valued, and engaged. An organization that embraces team building is also one that supports unique perspectives and voices. It promotes an environment where creativity and fresh ideas can blossom. Team-building exercises are a common unifier that brings diverse backgrounds and experiences together.

Increase productivity

This is good for the bottom line too. The advantages of teamwork extend far beyond just positive vibes. Through team building, individuals are more likely to take responsibility and ownership. Even more importantly, people are more eager to lend a helping hand. In addition, projects and tasks are finished faster and at higher quality.

Establishes culture

When all the benefits are rolled into one, the result is a successful organizational culture. Effective collaboration and communication make resolving conflicts and troubleshooting issues much easier. Motivated people are more positive and perform more efficiently. More importantly, team building creates a sense of fun, belonging, and significance.  As Mr. Bronaugh describes it, this dynamic is a “win-win” for both the group and its individuals. | Newsphere by AF themes.