10 Creative Ways to Give an Engagement Ring

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Asking your partner’s hand in marriage is one of the biggest moments in anyone’s life, whether you are planning the proposal or you are waiting for your partner to propose to you.

You might be here because you are looking for cute ways to hide an engagement ring and how to present an engagement ring or maybe it doesn’t have to be an engagement ring and you are just looking for cute ways to give a promise ring to your significant other, this is also applicable.

So here are 15 creative ways to give an engagement ring to your fiance-to-be:

  1. Family Dinner Proposal

This might not be the most creative but it is by far one of the most intimate ways to pop the question. Imagine having dinner with the people closest to you, proposing a toast, then kneeling down to ask the love of your life to marry you in front of the other people that care about the both of you. It’s a simple, but an intimate proposal that they would be remembering forever. 

  1. Destination Proposal

If you are a certified traveler like I am, a destination proposal is perfect for both of you. You could be going on a (maybe surprise) holiday trip then kneeling down and asking them to marry you. It doesn’t have to be far away, you could go to a nearby city or you could go to your dream holiday destination and ask them there. You could ask them during the beginning of your vacation so you could spend the rest of the vacation celebrating the engagement.

  1. Photobooth Proposal

Photo Booths are always fun, but why not make it more fun by proposing in one? Once the shutter clicks, pull out the ring and surprise her. The photobooth gets to capture her reaction upon seeing the ring, and hopefully the reaction of her saying yes. This is something she really wouldn’t expect.

  1. Planetarium Proposal

Literally written on the stars. You might be living in a place where you couldn’t, unfortunately, see the stars so going to a planetarium is the next best thing. There is honestly nothing more romantic than stargazing, so you could pop the question under the stars. 

If you’re feeling a bit more extra and you have a lot of money to burn, maybe even buy a star for them.

  1. Hanging Picture Proposal

Walking down memory lane. You could decorate a room with all your pictures, it may be hanging or on the walls with a bunch of fairy lights hanging with it and you could be in the middle, dressed in formal wear, kneeling down waiting for her.

It would be nice if you add a message at the back of the pictures of the date the picture was taken, what you were both doing, and spice it up by writing down what you felt during that time (kind of like a diary). In the background.

If both of you have a theme song, then you could play that as well and just dance with the pictures and the lights.

  1. Scavenger Hunt Proposal

Turn your proposal into a treasure hunt. Scatter clues for your partner and add some riddles here and there. It would give a mystery and a sprinkle of fun to your proposal. It could be done in the house, garden, or maybe around the neighborhood.

  1. Pet Proposal

If your partner is an animal lover, then this proposal might be the right one for you. If you have a dog, you could use them and put a sign around their neck asking for their hand in marriage. If you do not have pets, then you could go to the shelter and adopt one, not only do they have a fiance, but a dog as well. It’s a win-win situation really.

  1. Proposal Through Song

Most people who can’t express their love for a person, usually express those words through song. If you are a great songwriter, you could utilize your gifts and talent through your proposal. Sing a song you wrote for them or perform a song that means a lot to both of you. Serenading someone usually makes their heart swoon, though I am sure that you have already captured their heart, I am pretty sure that they would have fallen in love with you more.

  1. Airplane Proposal

If you are in a long-distance relationship, you could pop the question in the airport while your partner is visiting you. Or, you could propose while on the plane going to vacation. You could work with the flight attendant and/or pilot in order to make the proposal more entertaining. 

  1. Hiking Proposal

If you are one of those outdoorsy couples and one of those couples who like working out together, this is a great proposal idea to consider. Go out on a hike and once you are on top, with a beautiful view, kneel down and bring out the engagement ring. The hike going down would give you time to relish the fact that you are both getting married and would be spending the rest of your lives together.

There are a lot of engagement ring surprise ideas and creative ways to give an engagement ring, but this wouldn’t all be possible if you do not have a ring to propose with in the first place. There are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing wholesale certified diamonds and I am sure that there are a lot of jewelers that could help you pick out the perfect one for your significant other, to make the proposal extra special.

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